About Us

The inspiration for the formation of Fellowship Hall came from Rev. Fairchild, Paster of the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco.

Fellowship Hall was incorporated in 1961 and funded, constructed and completed by 1963 through the efforts of Rev. Fairchild and other members of the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco. Fellowship Hall was constructed to provide low-cost and comfortable housing for people at least 62 years old, who have limited annual incomes (based on guidelines established by New York State).

Although individual members of the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco have served in the past and currently serve as directors and officers of Fellowship Hall, they do so based upon the votes of the cooperators/residents in their sole discretion, and the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco does not control and is not responsible for the operations or obligations of Fellowship Hall.

Additional Information

Board of Directors

The Fellowship Hall Board of Directors is comprised of 13 members elected by the cooperators/residents to serve staggered three year terms.

Fellowship Hall is comprehensively regulated by the New York State Division of Homes and Community Renewal, which approves rent increases, budgets, reserves, indebtedness and capital improvements, and provides oversight of the Board of Directors.

Mitchell-Lama Program

Fellowship Hall was formed and operates under the New York State Mitchell-Lama Program as a self-managed cooperative, providing affordable housing to seniors.  The Mitchell- Lama Program provides affordable rental and cooperative housing to persons satisfying specified income limitations.

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